Other Ways to Help


In 2018, there are eight travel days in the diary for young campers going to camp and coming home. Usually the camp leaders chaperone the campers and drive the camp vehicles, but we often need additional help from parents and volunteers, particularly on the Stornoway – Ullapool – Stornoway ferry. So, if you are willing to help look after the children whilst travelling, or perhaps drive a minibus, then please get in touch.


Praying People

This vital work of evangelism must be steeped in prayer. As we see in Psalm 127:1, ‘Unless the Lord build up the house, the builders labour in vain’. If you would like to receive regular updates of FCYC news and prayer points, get in touch to subscribe and keep an eye on our Facebook page as well.


Baking for Camp

There’s nothing better than some delicious home baking at camp! It’s more special than you might appreciate, and campers and leaders know that it has been made with love by many volunteers.

However, if you are considering baking, please get in touch to check about allergies and intolerances at the camp you intend baking for. In recent years, there have been lots of campers with nut allergies and we’ve had to keep some camps ‘nut free’. In addition to this, many people are intolerant to gluten. Being informed would be useful for you, and will keep everyone well.


Camps Support Fund

As a work of the Free Church Missions Board, our youth camps are heavily subsidised by its contributions, as well as by generous donations from congregations and individuals. FCYC do not make a profit and endeavour to maintain as low a price as possible without compromising on the quality of the holiday.

You might not be in a position to physically help out at camp, but you could still help a camper by making a contribution towards the Camps Support Fund, which aims to offer financial assistance to families who would otherwise struggle to send their children to camp. This fund can make such a difference in the life of a young person, and your donation could enable him or her to go to camp and hear the Gospel of Jesus for a week.

Any amount is gratefully received, whether as a one-off donation or as a regular amount. 



We’re planning to have a Camps Fundraising Day on Saturday 10th June and we’ll need your help! What could you do to raise funds for Camps and help kids and leaders spend a week in Christian company learning about God’s Word?

Bake sale? Car wash? Collection at church? Curry & quiz night? Camps sing-a-long?

The possibilities are endless and we want to know what you’re planning to do so that we can shout it from the rooftops and make a big impression!

If you feel you could volunteer to help with any of these tasks, simply get in touch for more information. Look forward to hearing from you!