Kincraig Kids 3

Saturday 20th July – Saturday 27th July

Kincraig Kids 3 is back by popular demand! Get ready for a week of fun and games in the beautiful Cairngorms; with lots of great activities, and a trip or two to Inverness, there will be something new to try every day. It doesn’t matter if you’re coming to camp on your own or not, you’ll have lots of new friends by the end of the week.

Together we’ll be taking part in activities, challenges and games, but most importantly, we’ll be learning about Jesus and how He wants us to live life to the full! So join us for a week of food, friendship and fun in Kincraig!

Team Leader, Kincraig Kids 3

Murdo was born and brought up on the Isle of Lewis and came to faith in his late teens. He is currently serving the Lord as the minister in Barvas Free Church. Murdo is married to Alison, who is a nurse, and they have four boys: David, Finlay, Daniel and baby Matthew.

Murdo loves being a Team Leader at camp, but was always too shy to go to camp as a child, which is something he regrets. He wouldn’t want anyone to feel the same so makes sure everyone is welcome! Murdo’s favourite thing about camp is singing, speaking & sharing about our wonderful Saviour, Jesus Christ. There’s no one like Him, and we want everyone to know, love and follow Him.

Team Leader, Kincraig Kids 3

Shona is from Inverness and is a member of the Free North Church. She loves to be active and on the go, penguins are her favourite animal, and she’s a chocolate orange enthusiast. After many years working in media she is now retraining as a Gaelic primary teacher.

Shona is so excited to go back to Kincraig Kids 3 this summer BUT she says she cannot do it without you! She needs your help to keep her co-leader Murdo right and to make sure everyone has lots of fun.

Shona committed her life to Jesus at FCYC when she was 13, and has not regretted it once since! She can’t wait to share more with you about how you can choose to live your life for Jesus as well. 


Cairngorms Christian Centre
The Brae
PH21 1QD