Oswestry Juniors 2

S1 – S3 (Mixed)

Due to COVID-19, Free Church Youth Camps have sadly been cancelled in 2021.
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OJ2 is back for another year! Join us for a jam-packed week of fantastic games, challenges and activities, including our annual trips to the Trafford Centre and Alton Towers. At the centre of our week is Jesus, learning about Him and how He can be your Saviour. Come by yourself, bring a friend, catch up with old friends, make new friends… Everyone is welcome and we’d love to have you. It could be life-changing!

Team Leaders
Laura MacGillivray and Andrew Martin

Age: S1 – S3 (mixed)
Cost: £325
Places: 40
Code: 20O2

Laura MacGillivray

TEAM LEADER, Oswestry Juniors 2

Laura studied nursing in Aberdeen and Edinburgh, and now lives back in her home town of Fort William. She’s married to Andrew, and is an Emergency Nurse Practitioner in A&E.

Laura has been at more than 30 camps as a camper, then a leader, and now as a team leader. She loves working with the Oswestry Juniors 2 team to provide a week full of fun which is focused around the reason they are all there – Jesus!

Laura is very competitive, loves baking, and is a big fan of all things glittery! She’s on the musical team at her home church, and loves helping lead the music at camp.

Andrew Martin

TEAM LEADER, Oswestry Juniors 2

Andrew was born in Greenock and lives in Drumnadrochit with his wife, Susanna, and their two sons. After collecting two university degrees in Aberdeen, Andrew now works as a nurse practitioner in Inverness.

Andrew has been involved in leading camps since 2000. He’s keen that the Oswestry Juniors 2 team provide a week where everyone feels included, has great fun, and has the opportunity to hear the Gospel in a way they can understand.

Andrew loves politics, books and music. He’s terrified of moths, and his favourite ice cream flavour is cherry. His camp highlight is always the bonfire, and he is reigning champion of underwater speed walking at the Pool Olympics!


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