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I have been involved in Free Church Youth Camps for five years as a leader at Kincraig Girls camp. It is always a pleasure to be part of a team, teaching young people about Jesus, and to be part of FCYC.

Before being a leader I was a camper myself as a teenager – I attended two summer camps as a camper. One year I even talked my friend into coming along to a Free Church camp with me, and we decided on a pony-trekking camp, despite neither of us having any experience of horses! We mistakenly thought we might be intermediate riders, which caused some fun moments…!

As a camper I was always so nervous and shy, but I always had fun when I was there, and was always inspired by the amazing leaders. After attending a few local presbytery camps under the leadership of Susan MacLean, she asked me to help, firstly as a ‘young leader’ at these camps, and from there I was honoured to be asked to be a leader at FCYC. That was five years ago, and I have led at camp every year since!

I love working with such inspirational leaders and amazing young people, and I love the confidence it gives me. Sharing my faith with young people has made me surer in myself and in my faith, and working with other Christians of different ages is such a special and encouraging experience. God has used camps to bring me closer to Him as we have the pleasure of seeing Him work through us as leaders, and working in the lives of the young people we serve. Being involved in camps has given me confidence, brought me closer to God, and I have made so many great friends through serving at camps.

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