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Three Perspectives on Camp

1 – As a Camper

As a child and teenager, camp was a lifeline. Spiritual teaching, fellowship and lifetime friendships were cemented in a fun atmosphere. It was the highlight of my year and helped me survive at school as a Christian. I thank the Lord for his grace to me in this.

2 – As a Leader

Being entrusted with other people’s children at camp is an amazing (and at times scary!) privilege. Choosing a team who would be good examples to our precious young people was a challenging task, but over the years we were given many friends with whom to lead. These friends were made mainly through our church family, and were a great example of Christian living to us as well as to the young people. Fellowship among us as leaders while we told the Gospel story to our young people in the context of fun, laughs, dishes, table-setting, discussion groups, singing, watersports, messy games and plenty other craziness was a wonderful experience. It created special memories of time together and gave us experiences which influenced and shaped our own Christian lives and growth. 

3 – As a Parent

As in number 1, we have watched our own children, by God’s grace, grow spiritually through the relationships formed at their camps. Again, godly leaders have encouraged them to read through their Bibles and taught them to develop valuable personal devotional habits as well as having a load of fun with them! And they have all developed strong friendships which we pray will shape and influence them as they mature in their Christian faith, so that they will live to serve Jesus in their future lives. 

Camp has been a huge blessing! We are all so sad that Camps 2020 can’t happen, but we pray that the Lord’s work will continue in this great mission field in the future.

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