Chaperones & Drivers

We often need help from adult volunteers to chaperone the campers on their way to and from camp and to drive 9-seater or 17-seater minibuses.

If you would be willing to travel with young people or to drive a minibus, please fill out the form below as soon as you can or get in touch with us directly to discuss any questions.

Your name will be added to a list of volunteers and you will be contacted by the FCYC Coordinator once the requirements are known, to see if you might be able to help.

There are various points around the country where young people meet together to travel to camp or to other events organised by FCYC, such as the Big Free Rally. From these points, FCYC organises transport to and from camp or the event. Journeys are usually by ferry, train, coach or minibus, and young people must be accompanied by a responsible adult/s on these journeys.

Chaperones are adults who accompany young people on part or all of the journey, depending on the other arrangements that are in place.

Drivers are often needed to drive the young people in minibuses to or from camp or the event.

Chaperones and drivers don’t have to be a member of a Free Church, but must be known to and recommended by a minister or member of the Free Church and must be sympathetic to the values, aims and ethos of the Free Church.

Chaperones must be aged 18 or over. On occasion, assistant chaperones can be aged 16 or over.

Drivers must be aged between 25-70, and must have held their full UK driving license for at least three years. They should have no outstanding convictions. Any driver who meets these requirements can drive a 9-seater minibus. Only drivers who meet these requirements and who also have a category D1 on their driving licence can drive a 17-seater minibus.

Chaperones and drivers will be given details of their travel arrangements well in advance of travel. For chaperones, this will include details of the campers they’ll be accompanying as well as tickets for themselves and the young people where applicable. For drivers, this will include details of where to pick up and drop off their minibus.

Pick up points are at Stornoway, Ullapool, Inverness, Perth, Edinburgh and Glasgow, and chaperones may be required between any of these points and camp. For minibus drivers, journeys are often between Ullapool and Inverness, and sometimes between Inverness, Glasgow or Edinburgh and Kincraig. Occasionally there may be a journey between Inverness and the Central Belt.

Chaperones should arrive early to meet the campers, and should check them off the list as they arrive. During the journey, chaperones must look out for the wellbeing of the campers and ensure that the campers are all behaving appropriately.

Drivers will always be accompanied by at least one other adult who will be chaperoning the campers and ensuring that they are all behaving appropriately.

If you’re a good traveller and you’d be happy to accompany young people on one or more journeys, or if you’re an experienced minibus driver and you’d be happy to drive young people, please get in touch by filling in the form below. Your details will be added to a list, and you’ll be contacted nearer the time to ask if you will be able to help on a specific journey or journeys.