Leaders Info & Application

Camp leaders are highly motivated, servant-hearted and love working as part of a team. Leaders have the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus throughout the various activities and time spent together during camp, as well as through informal Bible talks and discussion.

Leaders benefit from working together as part of a team, spending time together in prayer and Bible study as well as serving in community with other Christians from a range of backgrounds. Being a leader at camp is a lot of hard work but is a fun and rewarding way to spend a week of your summer.

Although there are already a number of regular leaders in the FCYC leadership team, new applications are welcome at any time, and leaders will be allocated to a camp dependent on their availability and on space at the camp. All new leaders must fill in the Online Application Form by the end of February in order to be considered for this summer’s camps, and must be able to attend the FCYC Training Day, which will take place on Saturday 25th April 2020.

There are three categories of leader:

  • Team Leaders are appointed by FCYC following service as a leader at camp
  • Leaders must be committed Christians who meet the criteria below. Leaders do not have to have served at FCYC previously
  • Junior Leaders are usually aged 18-21, and have not served as a leader at FCYC previously. Junior Leaders are appointed a mentor at camp who will support the Junior Leader throughout the week. They will not be expected to lead Bible talks or dorm discussions, but will be expected to take on some responsibilities as determined by their mentor.

FCYC aims to ensure that its leaders have been trained in five main areas – Safeguarding, being a good leader, working with young people who have Additional Support Needs, giving Bible talks to young people, and leading discussion groups. For those who have not already undergone training in these areas in the past three years, either through FCYC or through another organisation, FCYC can provide this training prior to camp.

To be involved in Camp Leadership you should:

  • Have a personal faith in Jesus Christ
  • Be a communicating member of a Bible-believing church
  • Be able to obtain satisfactory references and PVG clearance
  • Have a desire to work with young people and to share the Gospel with them
  • Be willing to give up the necessary time to undertake this work

You will also need to commit to:

  • Being at camp for a whole week over the summer
  • Meeting with your team prior to camp
  • Attending Leader Training days at least once every three years
  • Completing all the necessary training and paperwork before the deadline
  • Attaining the appropriate PVG membership
  • Ensuring you are familiar with Free Church of Scotland Child Protection & Safeguarding policies and procedures and attending Free Church Safeguarding training as necessary
  • Making a donation towards your costs at camp. If you find it difficult to pay the amount required to cover costs, think about fund-raising activities and approaching your church for help

Ready to Apply?

Please ensure that you have read all the leaders’ information before completing this form.

Any Questions?

Please get in touch if you have any questions about being a leader at camp.